Melanie Schirdewahn, freelance translator

Melanie Schirdewahn

Grimmstr. 7

D-50823 Köln

Fon: +49(0)221 55 94 800

Mobil: +49(0)162 64 13 651



  • About me

    Translating is wonderful work and my absolute dream job! I love to put myself in other people’s linguistic and philosophical shoes and to search for the missing pieces of the German idiomatic puzzle. Each time I manage to crack a particularly hard linguistic nut, I am filled with a feeling of real joy. I am, indeed, truly a translation nerd!

    Since my childhood, Scandinavia and Great Britain have inspired in me feelings of home. Why would that be? Difficult to say, as the trips I reluctantly undertook with my parents were only ever to southern Europe. It’s not as if I had any family there either. My bold theory is that the music of ABBA and the Beatles, my constant companion since my earliest childhood, is to blame. The literature of Pippi Longstocking & Co undoubtedly also played a part. It could certainly have turned out a lot worse …

    In my translation work, I concentrate mainly on the beautiful things in life, the so-called soft topics – content which speaks to the senses, makes daily life more beautiful and conjures a smile on the lips, such as food, furnishings & lifestyle, fashion & design, and children’s and youth literature. If I’m not translating, I like to do pottery, cook and go hiking.

  • Résumé

    I hold a Master’s degree in the study of Scandinavian (with Danish as the main language), German and Education; gained publishing experience with Coppenrath Verlag in Münster and Könemann Verlag in Cologne; and I have been working since the end of 2002 as a freelance translator, editor and proof-reader in Cologne. I translate literary and specialist texts from Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English for various publishers, translation bureaux and commercial clients and am conversant with CAT-tools Phrase and Wordfast.

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